Shaun Crawford

Shaun's industry knowledge and expertise is as iconic as the company he keeps; those who respect and call upon him for their own businesses and production optimization.


Many of his breeds and genetics are used broadly across the industry for ideal extraction purposes. 

Shaun calls both Maryland and Colorado home, although his heart finds home wherever the plants are being cultivated. He has a unique relationship with the plants that few have and many emulate, because it is that relationship that returns successful crops season after season. 

A long standing community member of both Cannabis and Hemp cultivation, Shaun's reputation precedes him with such distinguished industry awards as the National Grower of the Year 2018. Shaun's genetics are proven season after season with exceptional yields and robust harvests. A cooperative farmer at heart, his footprint on the grows of the country span the entire country, literally from sea to shining sea. 

A genuinely passionate Master Grower, Shaun is worth his weight in green, and then some! He is the ticket to your farming success and a lucrative return on the investment.