Garret comes to the world of Hemp from the trades. A custom home painter by trade, Garret has been called in to finish the homes of some of the most prestigious celebrities and A listers in the world, and has detailed the walls, cabinets, decks and homes of some of the most discriminating personalities to work for!

Garret's passion lies in the emerging textiles and building materials in the hemp industry and the lab and grow facilities being built each and every day. 

A detailed project manager, Garret has an established reputation for excellence n the build out of commercial  labs and facilities,  finishing them to code for OSHA and State Inspection on budget and on time.  

Focused on the bottom line without compromise Garret is a keen negotiator and vendor relationship manager. He gets what is needed done every time with all of the objectives met in the negotiation. 

Transparent and driven by integrity, Garret is the perfect advisor for the facilities needs of the industry