In an ever evolving world of science and discovery where hemp and CBD are concerned, it is nearly impossible to know what is what, who is whom and what is true versus what isn't.

A basic understanding and knowledge is key to knowing and understanding the products in the market, their safety and true efficacy.

Knowledge imparted becomes wisdom, and those who work in the industry or want to work in the industry need proper education and in depth knowledge of the material they are working with and best practices to help consumers make sense of their purchases and options.

This is where we come in! Having created a concise and easily applied educational workshop we have the curriculum to educate from seed to sale. 

Our education includes the basics of the 

Endocannabinoid System, Phyto Cannabinoid Science

The workshop will expound on the understanding of cannabis as a genus, the classifications, cannabis and hemp, and the strain sciences that include terpenes and trichomes, cannabinoids and carriers to finished products, batch testing, feild testing, certificates of analysis and product testing.

Our education platform is for anyone who wants to know and learn more, and seeks to expand their knowledge, improve their service or arm their teams!



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